1/2" 9 Pieces/Set, Indexable Carbide Turning Tools and Boring Bar, 2988-0012

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1/2" 9 Pieces/Set, Indexable Carbide Turning Tools and Boring Bar,  2988-0012

  • Black oxide smooth finish on each turning tool holder marked with tool holder style and shank size.
  • Each tool holder comes with a C6 TiN Coated carbide insert with positive rake cutting angle and built-in chip breaker great for general purpose cutting action.
  • Insert screw and wrench included.
  • 9pc indexable turning tool holder and indexable boring bar
  • 9pc TiN Coated C6 carbide insert
  • 9pc hex screw.
  • 1pc hexagon key.
  • Aluminum fitting case.


Name Code Rake Angle Insert No  TiN Coated Insert Screw Wrench
Cutoff QA08R-20B 2403-2003 GTN-2 M4×10 S3
External Threading SER0500J11 2652-0015 11ER A60 M2.5×8 T8
Turning Tools SCLCR08-2J 95° 2200-1008 CCMT21.5 M2.5×6
SCLCL08-2J 95° 2200-1008 M2.5×6
SDNCN08-2J 62.5° 2104-1010 DCMT21.5 M2.5×6
SWGCR08-2J 90° 2104-1010 WCMT2.51 M3×6
SCDCR08-2J 45° 2200-1008 CCMT21.5 M2.5×6
SCBCR08-2J 75° 2200-1008 M2.5×6
Boring Bar S08Q-SCLCR2 95° 2200-1008 CCMT21.5 M2.5×6




**Above cutting parameter is for reference only **


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