CAT50 / SK50 / JT50 Collet Chuck Tightening Fixture for CAT50 Tool Holder, CT50-7850

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Cat50 / Sk50 / Jt 50 Collet Chuck Tightening Fixture Fit Cat50 Tool Holder, Ct50-7850

  • Applicable model is CAT50 as well as SK50 and JT50 Tool Holder
  • Correct orientation and non-slip quench hardening
  • Easy to install, reliable, protect tool holder, could bear greater torque, avoid skidding
  • The material is aluminum alloy
  • Novel hollow design, protect the conical surface of the tool holder.
  • Adopt new material, detailed and comprehensive protection.
  • Match for CT50 tool holder type as well as SK50 and JT50
  • When you install the CNC tools on machine tools, some parts such as tools and pull studs need to be installed on tool holders. Because of the special form of the CNC tools, the traditional tool lock seat can’t meet the tighten or unscrew requirement during production, assembling and using. There are an upward direction lock snap ring and a downward direction lock snap ring on the dicephalous tool lock base through which CNC pull studs, ER nuts, and Tools, etc., can be installed from both directions.

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