ER Metric Collets Sets, DIN 6499B

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ER Metric Collets Sets, DIN 6499B

  • Range of 0.039"
  • Made from alloy spring steel and hardened to HRc 44-48
  • All collets are checked its runout individually on 4 points on a testing rod
  • For size 3.0mm and larger the runout is 0.0003" (0.008mm) ; under size 3.0mm the runout is 0.00059" (0.015mm)
  • Each collet has a collapse range of .039"
  • Use the table (below) for selecting your replacement collets.
  • ER collets all have unique length and diameter measurements
Item Description
3350-0581 ER11 1-7mm by 0.5mm, 13ps/set
3350-0582 ER16 1-10mm by 1mm, 10ps/set
3350-0583 ER20 2-13mm by 1mm, 12ps/set
3350-0584 ER25 2-16mm by 1mm, 15ps/set
3350-0585 ER32 3-20mm by 1mm, 18ps/set
3350-0586 ER40 4-26mm by 1mm, 23ps/set


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