Steel Plug Pin Gage Sets

$40.00 - $298.00
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Pin Gage Sets

  • Class ZZ
  • Each gage is electro-etched with its actual size.
  • Tolerance:
    For minus set tolerance : +0.0000" / -0.0002"
    For plus sets tolerance : +0.0002" / -0.0000"
  • All gage are 2"long,centerless lapped.
  • Hardness: heat treated to HRc 60-62 .
  • Finish: each gage has a 10 microfinish or better.
  • Overall length 2".

Minus tolerance sets

Item  Range
M0(-) 0.011"-0.060"x50PCS
M1(-) 0.061"-0.250"x190PCS
M1(-)A 0.061"-0.250"x190PCS with an Enhanced Aluminum Case
M2(-) 0.251"-0.500"x250PCS
M2(-)A 0.251"-0.500"x250PCS with an Enhanced Aluminum Case
M3(+) 0.501"-0.625"x125PCS
M4(-) 0.626"-0.750"x125PCS
M5(-) 0.751"-0.832"x82PCS
M6(-) 0.833"-0.916"x84PCS
M7(-) 0.917"-1.000"x84PCS


Plus tolerance sets

Item  Range
P0(+) 0.011"-0.060"x50PCS
P1(+) 0.061"-0.250"x190PCS
P2(+) 0.251"-0.500"x250PCS
P3(+) 0.501"-0.625"x125PCS
P4(+) 0.626"-0.750"x125PCS
P5(+) 0.751"-0.832"x82PCS
P6(+) 0.833"-0.916"x84PCS
P7(+) 0.917"-1.000"x84PCS


Extra Information

Accusize Industrial
0.30 KGS